How the Hollywood power couple’s unorthodox style of love helped me embrace my own

In a recent interview with GQ, Will Smith confirmed long-standing rumors that he and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith were in an open, or ethically nonmonogamous (ENM), relationship. There are many nuances to ENM, and Will didn’t go into many specifics. …

Loneliness is more exhausting than you might realize—and there are small steps you can take to overcome it

Two men with short dark hair hugging. They appear to be White.

While sitting in a coffee shop where the small (or ‘tall’ if you fancy) macchiatos cost $4, I witnessed a brief, yet significant, gesture. This woman stood up to leave. Before leaving, she casually told her friend, “Love you, babe.” Her friend replied, “Love you too,” and then returned to…

Rejection is normal and informative.

Hoodied man holding a heart-shaped candy box that’s on fire.

For someone who doesn’t like people, I get a surprising amount of crushes. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes my fancy just be tickled. Some of these crushes have developed into successful (well, non-traumatic) relationships, be they platonic or romantic. As in most areas of life, though, it…

Writing’s hard y’all

Black quill pen writing in a notebook

A little while ago, I was watching David Letterman’s latest interview with Jay-Z on Netflix. Jokingly, Letterman explained to Jay-Z that they had a lot in common, including having a paper route. “But you… also sold crack…,” Letterman added. “That was my paper route,” Jay-Z responded without hesitation. Jay went…

Black woman with short hair speaking. Caption says “I do not need this. My man has two jobs

Learning how to quit has helped save me from a life of misery. The first example of this that comes to mind is from college. First semester freshman year was tough for a litany of reasons. Not least of which, a challenging Calculus class I thought I needed for the…

Joshua Everett

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